Our Founders & Spiritual Leaders

Our spiritual leadership is here to serve you on your journey of awakening. Please feel free to contact us, we look forward to serving you.


Rev. Ed Tanzi 

In 2002 Ed was introduced to the teachings of Dr. Ernest Holmes at the Palm Springs Spiritual Enrichment Center.  After his first visit he knew that he found his spiritual home and began to take classes. There he studied with Rev. Drs. Florence and Ernest Phillips , Rev. Beverly Branom, and Rev. Mat Kaump.

In 2008, Ed became a member of the Concordia Center for Spiritual Living in Warwick, Rhode Island, where he held a number of positions.  Ed held the positions of  Volunteer Coordinator,  member of the Core Council, member of the Prayer Ministry, and co founder of the Wednesday Night Meditation Service.

Ed was a professional teacher. He retired from teaching in 2008 after 33 years in public education in Rhode Island and California.

Ed continued his spiritual studies at Concordia with Rev. Ian Taylor. As an on line student, he studied with Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson, Rev. Dr. Cay Thompson, and Rev. Kathryn Knox. Ed has been a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner since 2010.


Rev. George Stewart

Geroge has been on a metaphysical journey since 1990, when he first experienced Rev. Dr. Ann Martin of the Unity Church in Palm Springs California.  He devoured everything that he could at Unity and still found himself hungry for a deeper
 understanding of our innate Oneness with Source. 

George began Science of Mind classes in 2004 with Foundations.  In 2009 he completed online classes taught by Rev. Christina Tillotson and became a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner, but he did not stop there. 

As a Practitioner George took classes at the Holmes Institute until he was accepted as a ministerial student in May of 2011.  During this time he co-founded the Wednesday Night Healing Heart Meditation Service at Concordia CSL and also serviced on the Core Counsel.  He was instrumental in founding the One Moment Miracles (Spiritual Mind Treatment offerings) provided after service at Concordia.

George has over 28 years of customer service experience in personal and commercial insurance as well as his current work at a national banking institution's call center.

Some of the many amazing mentors and teachers in his life have been Edwin Tanzi his spouse, Teri Regan, Rev. Milli Bradley, Rev. Matt Kaump and the Practitioners at CSL Palms Springs, Rev. Ian Taylor, Rev. Dr. Christine Tillotson, Rev. Dr. Cay Thompson, Rev. Kathryn Knox and the teachers at the Holmes Institute.

As a singer George has been called to a number of communities from California to New England and can often be heard at Center for Spiritual Living Greater Boston.

He looks forward to each new day knowing that as the Truth of Spirit continues expand his ongoing journey there is always new perfection, joy, humor, light and love awaiting revealing.